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Razor[X] is banned
[B1aze - 2013-04-01 02:05:37]
We now have enough information to ban Razor[X] for cheating.

Razor[X] used wallhack in official games and uncountable number of pracs during last few years.
He is banned from Thunderdome 3 and his games will be voided soon.
Thunderdome 3 started!
[z0mbie90 - 2013-03-03 14:13:55]
The time has come, Thunderdome Season 3 is shooting off! So it's time for you QuakeWorld players to load your rocketlaunchers and get ready to frag!

With 90 sign ups in 6 different divisions in Europe and 36 sign ups and 3 divisions in North America the battle is about to start.

So you should all make yourself easy to get in contact with. You can find the Brackets and information about your matches at official site there you also will be reporting your games once played!
European section:

North American section:
  • Pro - 11
  • Regular - 14
  • Rookies - 11

  • Deadline for the first round is 11th March 23:59.UTC

    With that said we hope you will have a great and fun time and that you make your best at playing your matches before the deadlines. So what are you waiting for start getting some awesome frags!

    GLHF - z0mbie90
    Thunderdome 3: signups open!
    [VVD - 2013-02-15 11:10:15]
    Hello fellow quakers, today we are glad to announce the third season of the Thunderdome!

    As you might already know, Thunderdome is a QuakeWorld duel tournament with divisions.
    This division system is the main difference from Duelmania, Ownage and Showdown, it works like both previous seasons,and allows players with different skill levels to compete with those of similar skill.
    The tournament follows double elimination format, which gives you a second chance in the lower bracker.
    We hope get more than a hundred signups once again, as people seem to like this tournament format!

    Signups are open right now, until the 28th of February: European section, North American section.
    Then you'll get your usual 2-3 div-whine days, and on the 4th of March the battle begins!

    For more details visit the Rules page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the admins on irc-channel #Thunderdome@QuakeNet.

    Thanks to Jissse for this article. :-]
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