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Thunderdome 15 registration has been started!
[VVD - 2021-02-21 17:12:26]
With a Spring soon starting and with ever high ongoing QuakeWorld activity, the 15th edition of Thunderdome: the biggest (over 1300 registered participants during 9 years) 1on1 online tournament is on its way. The registration has been started!

Updated!!! Planned dates are (can be ajusted - depends on signups and other reasons):
  • 5th of March: last day of the signups.
  • 6th of March: the "div-whine" day.
  • 7th of March: start of the tournament.
  • Begin of May: the end.

  • This season features the same map pool as Thunderdome 14 (AEROWALK, BRAVADO, CATALYST, MONSOON (textures), SHIFTER and ZTNDM3) with a one change: the TOXICITY_TEST2 has been replaced by it's optimized version TOXICITY by alice (TOXICITY_TEST2 is allowed when the selected server lacks the released version of the map).

    The change in rules is that the only clients allowed are with limit on cl_rollangle:
  • ezQuake 3.2.3+, ruleset thunderdome, smackdown and qcon
  • ezQuake 3.6alpha7+, ruleset thunderdome, smackdown and qcon
  • unezQuake 0.9.4+ stable, ruleset modern2020 nominal and thunderdome nominal
  • unezQuake 1.0.4+ alpha, ruleset modern2020 nominal and thunderdome nominal

  • Other versions and clients forbidden. However responsibility for the version check is on the players, to perform the version and ruleset verification before the game (the test after the game is not considered a good ground for disqualification.

    The winners of the last season:

    Join our Discord server for more information and scheduling of the games. Alternatively one can find admins on IRC channel #Thunderdome @ QuakeNet server.

    P.S. Thanks to bps for new banner.
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