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0 - 3
Map: monsoon
Thunder 4 - 32 beginner

comment by beginner
Was dirty trick on my side, i knew Thunder didnt played this map......
Map: ztndm3
Thunder 7 - 24 beginner

comment by beginner
I Felt i was more in shape today, game just happened like this
Map: toxicity
Thunder 7 - 25 beginner

comment by beginner
I think Thunder sureprised everybody in this tournament, by a large margin, coming from a HammerTime 2nd place in div3 and now winning some established div1 players.
He won me without appeal in our first game.
Thanks for beeing patient and allowing me to play at weekends.
So keep the good work!
[lb - Round 5 - Match 1]
submitted: 2021-05-15 22:12:02 by beginner
confirmed: 2021-05-15 23:22:52 by VVD
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