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3 - 0
Map: aerowalk
beginner 26 - 7 macler

comment by beginner
Macler was hot after warming up for 3 hours, and letting me waiting for same period of time >P
He is tough in nature,,he just needs the prac
Map: catalyst
beginner 22 - 5 macler

comment by beginner
Surprising pick by Macler: a real kenya
Map: bravado
beginner 33 - 2 macler

comment by beginner
I wanted a fast map.
I think Macler can level up his gameplay in short period of time one can sense his raw skills
GL in next MAtch Macler!!
[wb - Round 1 - Match 4]
submitted: 2021-03-20 05:18:44 by beginner
confirmed: 2021-03-20 10:49:34 by VVD
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