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01. Introduction

This is Thunderdome: "Two men enter, one man leaves!"

Thunderdome is an online QuakeWorld 1on1 deathmatch competition that uses a division system for 8-16-32 players about same skill with a double elimination in each.
We would be glad to open America and Australia sections of Thunderdome, special for Americans and Australians players!

02. Registration

Each regional section of the Thunderdome is open for all QuakeWorld players. However, in Europe section non-European players are free to sign up as long as they play their matches in Europe. Same for America section: non-American players are free to sign up as long as they play their matches in America. And for all other regional sections too.
Upon registration you will be given a username and a password for reporting your matches. Do not lose your credentials and do not give them away.
Players with multiple registration entries in one regional section will be disqualified. It's possible to play in several sections in parallel.

03. Clients

Allowed clients:
  • ezQuake (2.1.x, 2.2.x, 3.x)
  • FodQuake (0.2, 0.3, 0.4)
  • FTEQW (1.00)
  • unezQuake (0.9.0, 1.0)

  • Standard QWCL, mqwcl and FuhQuake are no longer valid for competition play.
    The allowed proxies are Qizmo 2.91 and the latest QWfwd.

    Allowed rulesets:
  • ezQuake: smackdown, thunderdome or qcon
  • FodQuake: eql
  • FTWQW: nqr
  • unezQuake: modern2020 nominal or thunderdome nominal

  • gl_outline 1 is allowed!
    Players are required to do f_ruleset checks before game start.
    Using disallowed clients/proxies/rulesets will lead to a disqualification.

    04. Game settings

  • Timelimit 10 minutes.
  • Overtime 3 minutes.
  • DMM3.
  • No powerups.
  • Discharges on.
  • No fairpacks.
  • KTX2 spawns (unless both players agree on a different mode).
  • sv_maxfps 77.
  • No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.
  • Fallbunny on (unless both players agree play with off).

  • 05. Maps

    This season have the following rules regarding to the map pools:

  • If both players agree they can form own individual map pool for their particular game which played by the rules of the game, consisting of the maps from both default and/or custom pool (see below the custom map pool). The amount of maps in this individual pool is always odd and the size of it could not be less than necessary to play for current game round (i.e. 3 for BO3 and 5 for BO5).


  • Additional maps (absent in both custom and default map pools) could be added to the custom map pool if both players agree. For this case the admin approval is necessary so the maps could be added to the custom map pool for the benefit of other players and to avoid non duel maps (dmm4/race/tf etc) in the custom map pool.
    If players decide to include maps from custom pool to their individual pool, then they MUST to play these maps.
    Each map can be played only one time in any match.

    All games are BO5! Two examples for the rules follow. The player which is higher seeded¹ is P1, the other player is P2.

    Example 1:
  • P1 decides to pick the first map.
  • The next map is chosen by P2.
  • The next map is chosen by P1.
  • The next map is chosen by P2.
  • If a fifth map is necessary it is determined by tossing from the remaining 3 maps: P2-P1.

  • Example 2:
  • P1 decides that P2 has to pick the first map.
  • The next map is chosen by P1.
  • The next map is chosen by P2.
  • The next map is chosen by P1.
  • If a fifth map is necessary it is determined by tossing from the remaining 3 maps: P1-P2.

  • ¹ The higher seeded player is marked in the "Next match" section of the User-Panel.

    06. Cheating/Scripts/Whining/Insulting

  • Disconnecting voluntarily during a match means a straight walkover on current map (unless "timed out" - decision by admins).
  • No unnecessary whining.
  • Lame people will be treated lame, nice people will be treated nice.
  • Any kind of idling, lameness or insulting will not be tolerated and can lead to WO in the current game or to an ban for the current season.
  • Scripts are not allowed. Make sure to check that your opponent has them turned off before starting to play.

  • 07. Reporting matches

    The winner of the game reports the match results as soon as possible using the 'Report Match' function on the Thunderdome page. If the winner somehow can't provide a match report the other player will get permission to do it. Screenshots from the matches must also be uploaded and can be in any format. Players also have the ability to crop their screenshots if they are too big. Just check 'crop screenshots' when reporting and a new window pops up for each screenshot you wanna crop.
    No match reports will be registered before the match has been reported 100% correct. No exceptions!

    08. Servers

    We are aiming for players to play with pings as close as possible to the pings they used to in their regular games. Some games will be played with a higher ping than usual, however for the European players one should be able to play with a maximum ping 38ms (or at least 52ms in worst cases) for BOTH players.

    In general the game can be played on any server both players agree to play on. The tournament Admins insist that the players' server-choice is done with common sense and that pings are kept as low as possible.

    However if the players don't agree, the server is determined by the following procedure:
    1. Both players have to show their lowest possible ping they can get on 1on1 servers from the list of accredited servers (see the table below).
    2. After that a server has to be found where both players get a ping calculated by the following formula: P1 + N vs P2 + N, where P1 and P2 - best pings to the accredited servers, N is the equal increase of the ping for both players (N could vary in 1-2ms).

    Accredited servers² are:
    Russia: (not all maps)
    Germany: (GetQuad) (not all maps) (Frankfurt) (not all maps)
    France: (not all maps) (not all maps)
    UK: (London badplace)

    Example 1: Player 1 has a best ping to troopers P1 = 12ms, (25 foppa, 38 badplace), player 2 has a best ping to UK P2 = 25ms (25 badplace, 38 foppa, 51 troopers).
    Here foppa is the best case, ping 25 vs 38, N = 13 - the equally increased players correspondig best ping.

    Example 2: P1 = 25 to (38 foppa, 38 Frankfurt, 51 badplace), P2 = 38 to UK (51 badplace, 51 Frankfurt, 64 foppa).
    Frankfurt server works best as the N is 13 (pings 38 vs 51).

    Example 3: P1 = 12 to (12 foppa, 25 badplace, 38 UK), P2 = 77 to UK (90 badplace, 103 foppa).
    The server is NL badplace with N = 13 (pings 25 vs 91).

    Example 4: P1 = 25 to (38 foppa, 38 Frankfurt, 51 badplace), P2 = 51 to UK (64 badplace, 64 Frankfurt, 77 foppa).
    The server is Frankfurt with N = 13 (pings 38 vs 64).

    Example 5: P1 = 25 to (38 foppa, 38 Frankfurt, 51 badplace), P2 = 90 to UK (90 badplace, 103 Frankfurt, 103 foppa).
    The server is either foppa or Frankfurt with N = 13 (pings 38 vs 103).

    Example 6: P1 = 25 to (38 foppa, 51 Frankfurt, 51 badplace), P2 = 51 to UK (51 badplace, 64 Frankfurt, 64 foppa).
    The server is foppa with N = 13 (pings 38 vs 64).

    A list of servers can be found in the Servers section. This list only provides a base of servers which you are free to use. You can of course use other servers as well.
    If players still can't agree on a server, please contact admins about it. Admin decision is final.

    ² In order to add some server to the list of accredited, it should comply to the following conditions:
    1) ping from this server to at least 1 of central servers ( foppa, Frankfurt, badplace) should not exceed 25;
    2) this server should have all the maps from the default map pool.
    If the routing to the server is changed or the server will be relocate breaking the 1st condition, the server will be removed from the list of accredited.

    09. Timeframe

    All matches will have a deadline. If players can't organize themselves to get games played and reported by the end of the deadline, WO will be given to the player who proved to the WO Officer, that he really tried to make the game happen. Please report your activity to WO Officer (or an admin, if can't find WO Officer) before the deadline is over.

    The scheduling could be done privately by the players themselves, but the time/dates of the game and selected map pool should be reported to the #scheduling channel of the official Thunderdome Discord Server.

    If both players express no interest at all in playing the match, then both players lose, and as the case may be one or both of them are kicked out of the tournament.

    Deadlines for each stage of the tournament will be announced at the "Next Match" link in the User-Panel and will be advertised in #Thunderdome topic on QuakeNet as well as on the #scheduling channel of Thunderdome Discord Server.

    In order to guarantee some coverage of the bigger games, the schedules for the WB Final, LB Final and Grand Final have to be arranged with an admin.

    WO Officer this season is gLAd. The last word on the issue of putting WO behind him.

    10. Tournament system

    The Thunderdome tournament uses division system for 16-32 players about same skill with a Double Elimination (DE) system in each division. Depending on the number of signups we create a 3 to 6 divisions:

    1. Open DivisionFormer Div0, now open for all players, independent of their skill
    2. ProExperienced duelers with high skills
    3. Regular HighThe typical average players
    4. Regular LowThe typical average players
    5. Advanced rookiesSkilled new players and the old and rusty
    6. RookiesNew players to QuakeWorld

    Open Division:

    Every player can sign up for open division, additional to his "home" division.

    Below we use the abbreviation WB for winner's bracket and LB for loser's bracket.

    The initial distribution into divisions is done manually by the admins depending on players results in other 1on1 tournaments, their games on and their wishes.

    In each division seeding into the WB is done manually by the admins. Here we seed players in 2 groups: "HIGH" (in DE32 - 16 players, in DE16 - 8 players) and "LOW" (all other players in division). This means we seed players with almost the same skill level into one group and randomize the order within every group. The seeding number isn't shown to the players or public. The players only get to know if they are seeded higher than their opponent so that they can proceed with the map-choosing method explained earlier.

    Players who lose their WB-game are knocked into the LB. They are seeded again into the LB according to their match-number in the WB, in order to prevent that a player has to play his WB-opponent who sent him to LB too near in the future. Players who lose their LB-game are out.

    11. Tournament admins

    The Thunderdome admins are there to help you, so if you ever need our assistance or have any questions, you can find us in the channel #Thunderdome, on QuakeNet. Everyone who has @ in front of their nicks should be an admin.

    Additionally the dedicated Thunderdome Discord server is used. Admins there have purple or blue colors.

    12. Communication

    All communication regarding to the map scheduling and other questions might happen in the following ways:

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