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Final results of 1st season!
[VVD - 2012-05-31 23:59:59]
1st season of Thunderdome is over!
Our congratulations to winners!

  • Div0:
  • 1. Rikoll
    2. Locktar
    3. bps
    4. ParadokS

  • Pro:
  • 1. Creature
    2. nepra
    3. dirtbox
    4. m0lle

  • Regular:
  • 1. goqsane
    2. petrus
    3. envy
    4. mushi

  • Advanced rookies:
  • 1. Defcon 5
    2. AgOnEzE
    3. Phil
    4. eThaD

  • Rookies:
  • 1. NukeProof
    2. kenzu
    3. iggy
    4. M!zu
    The finals are upon us!
    [!phil - 2012-04-27 09:17:58]
    Many men enter.

    Round Two!
    [!phil - 2012-03-06 12:39:22]
    WB Round 2 and LB Round 1 deadline is: 2012-03-12!

    Participants: note that you must personally seek your opponent as soon as a new round begins. This is done by going to your division and clicking "next match" on the menu, or just checking out the brackets. It is imperative that every player take initiative in scheduling their games, and if your opponent is AWOL/MIA/can't be found, then you need to let admins know (me, VVD, etc.)

    Let the admins know early (and not during the last day) so they can take some action themselves. If you are going on vacation or something like that, again let us know. Better to play your game early, and avoid confusion on deadline day. So far I am happy to report that lots of you are doing exactly that. Keep doing it!

    If you scheduled a game, announce the schedule by going to your division on the website, clicking "next match", clicking the game id (something like "wb-2-3") and submitting a comment with the schedule date time and timezone.

    Spectators: As games become scheduled, I will try to bring them to you on the stream (check this thread for scheduling, and idle in #Thunderdome on for on-the-spot announcements).

    GL, RL, and LG!
    Brackets done!
    [VVD - 2012-02-27 18:25:50]
    Totally we have 125! players from 25 different countries filling out 5 divisions.

  • Div0 - 19 players
  • Pro - 24 players
  • Regular - 29 players
  • Advanced Rookies - 30 players
  • Rookies - 23 players

  • We are glad to see Rikoll, Locktar, carapace, bps, ParadokS, xpr, kingpin, nitram and etc signed up in tourney!

    Time to play 1st round, deadline for all divisions is 05 Mar 23:59CET.

    GL, RL & LG 2 all!
    Starting soon!
    [!phil - 2012-02-25 21:24:17]
    Quakeworld: Thunderdome has seeded the initial divisions and is accepting late sign-ups. Players are encouraged to notify admins of any corrections in case someone has been misplaced in a division. Each division is scheduled to have a double-elimination bracket, which will be drawn up by 27 Feb 23:59CET at which point the games will begin!

    Currently we have 97 125! players from 24 25 different countries filling out 5 divisions:

    Elite duelers are especially encouraged to register, as currently we are missing some of the heavy hitters such as nitram, mawe, milton, kingpin, locust, lacsap, avenger, lakso, ParadokS, etc., and we need them to make a true "div0" division. Let them know about the tourney and convince them to sign up for thunderdome! There will be a high def stream covering the best matches whenever possible.
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