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Final week of TD12
[fourier - 2020-03-02 13:51:22]
As the spring 2020 has been started, it is time to open the new season of Thunderdome.

For this to happen the last games of Thunderdome 12 have to be played or WO issued and season closed.
The remaining games:

  • Open Division: VVD vs sae

  • Pro Division: Billy-the-Kid vs mushi

The deadline to schedule these games is 8th of March. IF by this date no games scheduled in either division, the season will be closed.
Thunderdome Season 12 ''Dozen'': let the fight begin!
[fourier - 2019-10-06 16:07:07]
We are pleased to announce the Thunderdome 12 "Dozen" Duel tournament is stared now!

52 players registered, 47 in EU and 5 in NA: 6 divisions in EU and 1 in NA, Double Elimination no more than 8 players each.
Brackets are here:The games starts from today, first deadline is 13th of October. This season is not supposed to be long and planned to finish by the 1st of December.

Find your opponents on Discord and on servers (here and here), don't forget to report your epic games and inform admins so we can have a chance (whenever is possible) to spectate and possibly stream the games.

Let the fight begin!
Thunderdome Season 12 ''Dozen'' is starting now
[fourier - 2019-09-19 08:50:55]
This year it looks like the Thunderdome is able to keep a pace of 2 seasons per year.
We are happy to announce that the new season Thunderdome 12 "Dozen" is starting 2019-10-06.
The registration is open now!

Join our Discord server for more information and scheduling of the games. Alternatively one can find admins on IRC channel #Thunderdome QuakeNet server.

The rules for this season are similar to those in Season 11.

The main change from the Season 11 is the map pool. To facilitate the participation of the new players, the last traditional QuakeWorld map dm4 was removed from the main pool. It is still possible for both players to form their own map pool if both players agree and therefore form a custom pool. Additionally the new map The Catalyst is introduced into the main pool. Administration hopes these changes will make the participation more active from the new coming players.

The registration is open using the following link and will be closed 5th of October 2019. The admin team will perform division placements and creating the schedule and brackets on 5th, and the 6th the first games could be started.
We are welcome everyone regardless of the skill level to join and enjoy the tournament together with us!

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