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Finals approaching
[kingpin - 2009-03-16 11:02:06]

It's been a while since last news update and quite a few HOT games have been played during this time, for example :

wb round 4 - 5:

fifi - xpr 2-1
reppie - locktar 2-0
fifi - bulat 1-2

lb round 5-8 :

meshuggah vs bps 0-2
xpr vs b1aze 2-0
fifi vs kingpin 0-2

a few of these games are on CHTV and expect a demopack coming out soon or after the grand final!,

Speaking of grand final, we are down to just a few games before we can crown the champion , so the most important thing is to schedule your game as people want to see these important games live ! ...


Round 5 and more
[kingpin - 2009-03-02 05:48:36]

We're advancing closer and closer to the ending of this tournament, I finally got to play reppie and kind of disappointed myself with the first game atleast, second game was open and could have gone either way basically, demos on CHTV :)

Also please schedule your fight as games are now really interesting and tell us so we can announce it :)

At the moment we now have these games ahead of us :

WB :

LocKtar vs Ass
Marklar vs Bulat

Reppie vs winner of Locktar - Ass

LB :

Mille vs 187
SS vs Elguapo ! (preliminary matchtime evening of 2nd march)
Meshuggah vs bps

kingpin vs winner of meshuggah - bps

(and a few other games in LB are on hold cause of other matches needed to be played first.. keep checking in for updates)

At this stage of the tournament it's basically pointless to give walkovers, Unless you really really REALLY can't/won't play your game, then play it even if its after deadline, we are going easy on following the deadline because played games = better than walkovers.

So Schedule your fight, tell us about it and play your game!

Round 4
[kingpin - 2009-02-25 01:21:51]

We are now at round 4 of the tournament :E

These games are now ahead of us :


Winners Bracket : (deadline 2nd march)

[1] reppie vs kingpin- (scheduled for 20-21 CET This Sunday )
[2] LocKtar vs ass
[3] marklar vs xpr ( scheduled for 19.00 CET This Sunday)

Losers Bracket : (deadline 27th feb )

[1] Mille vs 187
[2] edvin vs dmt
[3] SS vs Elguapo!

[5] lakso vs serp
[6] hlt vs VVD
[7] fix vs meshuggah
[8] mogge vs bps

Schedule your games please and we'll announce it before the game on IRC #aerowalk etc so people can watch these last games live :P

Look for demos on CH-TV soon, and please send us demos if you can of your match.


Round 3
[kingpin - 2009-02-17 08:50:28]
Good Day 8)

As you probably know we are now at stage 3 of the winners bracket, let's take a look at what interesting games are to be played here :

[1] reppie vs SS
[2] kingpin- vs B1aze ( Preliminary matchdate : Sunday 22nd february 18.00 CET / 20.00 MSK )
[3] LocKtar vs Mille
[4] ass vs edvin
[5] marklar vs fix
[6] xpr vs mogge
[7] Bulat vs lakso
[8] hlt vs Creature

some hot games coming up, and some even hotter in next stage of winners bracket I am sure , and please don't forget to tell me or phil if you have scheduled your fight for a specific date/time so we can announce it and get to watch the fight live 8)

Schedule your game, tell us about it, play it and report :)

Good Luck, KP
Tournament in action
[kingpin - 2009-02-08 19:45:22]

As you may know the tournament is underway and quite a few games have been played already,

However there have been wishes from people that demos of games should be uploaded to CH-TV and maybe schedule date/time for the top matches , so that we can announce it to people who would like to see the game(s) live.

So if you have set a date and time for your game, please tell me or phil about it and we will announce it on this site and so on.

I'll try to interview some players and make some coverage of the tournament, as it is going to get hotter and more interesting over the next few weeks 8)

Good Luck. KP
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